12 Apr 2013

Top 50 Women on the Internet for 2013, 10 Most Popular Women Complete lits of popular women on the web

When you are looking for powerful women in the world where is the first place we turn? Often times our attention turns to that of the internet, and here we have gathered information showing the top most researched (and therefore powerful) women from Google. Here you see we have taken 10 of those most popular and picked apart their fame, personal lives and more to see just what it is that makes these women so unique, desirable and overall, interesting

#10 Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne Number 10 From Top 50 list
#9 Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton Number 9 From Top 50 list
#8 Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus Number 8 From Top 50 list
#7 Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber Number 7 From Top 50 list
#6 Britney Spears
Britney Spears Number 6 From Top 50 list
#5 Eva Longoria
Eva Longoria Number 5 From Top 50 list
#4 Beyonce
Beyonce Number 4 From Top 50 list
#3 Madonna
Madonna Number 3 From Top 50 list
#2 Kesha
Kesha Number 2 From Top 50 list
#1 Lady GaGa
Lady GaGa Number 1 From Top 50 list

Of the names above you can see, that overall, they are musical sensations so we will start there with these amazing women. You have Avril Lavigne, Miley Cyrus, and Justin Bieber, wait what? Justin Bieber is on the WOMENS list? Yes we will elaborate later, and then there is Lady Gaga, Madonna and more. With that said there are only two names out of the ten we have mentioned here that are NOT in the music industry. So what is it about the music industry and women that allows them to be on the top 50 list?
Well we put this question to the test, and we believe that you see these women on the top 50 most searched list because today’s music is easily accessed through internet searches, Zune and other downloadable website. Therefore many times you will see teens and adults turn to search engines to search for their favorite artists and songs. Now, we mentioned that Justin Bieber had made this list (for women if we must reiterate that) and the bottom line is there has been (internet sourced) controversy as to his… masculinity adding him to the “top women search” list.
When you take the other remaining names you have the ever beautiful Eva Longoria, whom when we took a closer look has been “googled” by 80 % men and the remaining percentage women who are interested in her background and personal life story. As a beautiful woman there are times when men Google these lovely women’s names in hopes of finding nude or very risqué photos of the women.
Now when you compare these names to the other 40 names on the most searched Google names where do they compare as far as power or meaning of the searches? There are women of political posture, women who have been on the scene of tv and movies for generations and then you have those who have made it their life mission to get a message of good across the world. So how do these names all end up on the same list?
That is simply answered with one word: internet. When we have the tools at our fingertips to type in a name, and find photos, personal stories and hear about these ‘celebrities’ it allows us to feel one step closer to these individuals. When you are looking for someone as a role model, today there are more and more women out there to educate our daughters about. Whether it is those we listened to as a child, and now see with their families, or those who created the stories we read growing up, maybe its Michelle Obama, or Hilary Clinton; regardless of who we look up to its vital that we show our daughters and granddaughter the strong presence of women across the world.
When you stop and take a look at the full list of all 50 women that have been Google’d and searched you see a wide variety of different women from all different corners of the world. With this in mind, it can fluctuate as to who gets searched more one day to the next, and that can depend on the news, whats happening that day or overall, what someone is looking for.
The next time you stop and want to search for someone online stop and think about why it is you are looking for an article, news story or picture. And what would we do without these amazing lists that are put together. These celebrities are like the rest of us, the difference is they knew their dreams, pursued them and now, are living their dream.

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